2022 - Fall


Threads Choreography Nhan Ho

L'Amoureuse Choreography Fred Stickler, Dancer Maria Basile

Lunaris Choreography Fred Mathews 

Between Tomorrow and Yesterday Choreography Gary Masters

Path Reset Choreography Maria Basile

Off White Choreography Gary Campo and Gabriel Mata

Written In Calligraphy: From Heaven to Earth Choreography Dominic Duong

2022 - Spring

Encores and Celebration

Flying Colors Choreography Fred Mathews 

Earthsong Choreography Fred Mathews, Dancer Kevin Gayton

Assisted Journey Choreography Maria Basile 

Rising Choreography Hsiang-Hsiu Lin

The Mitten Choreography Maria Basile

Hymn To A New Dawn Choreography Gary Masters, Fred Mathews, and The Dancers



Looking Back and Seeing Forward

Earthsong Choreography Fred Mathews, Dancer: Kevin Gayton

Yield Choreography Maria Basile

Rising Choreography Hsiang-Hsiu Lin


Be the Light by Hsiang Hsiu Lin

Etched in Time by Maria Basil, Kelisha Gardeen,

Gary Masters, Gabriel Mata, Fred Mathews

Tomorrow by Hsiang-Hsiu Lin

The Exiles by José Limón, Reconstruction by Gary Masters

This is where/I Begin by Gabriel Mata

Inner Edge by Maria Basile


Corvidae by Colin Connor, Guest

In This World by Gabriel Mata

Life by Hsiang Hsiu Lin

Suite from Mazurkas by Jose Limon

Path Reset by Maria Basile

Dreaming by Gabriel Mata

Flying Colors by Fred Mathews


The Anatomy of Hope by Nhan Ho

Episodes by Maria Basile

Moonlight by Hsiang-Hsiu Lin

The Road by Hsiang-Hsiu Lin

(Un)common Denominators by Fred Mathews

Day on Earth 1947 by Doris Humphrey

Upward Spiral (solo from Birthing the Ascension 2006) by Maria Basile

Journey thorugh the Labryinth by Gary Masters

River Right by Maria Basile
Maenad; excerpt from Dances for Isadora by Jose Limon
Between Tomorrow and Yesterday by Gary Masters
Goddesses and...The Seekers by Maria Basile and Guests, Karen Gabay and Rasika Kumar
Moments by Hsiang-Hsiu Lin
Falling by Gabriel Mata
Written in Calligraphy From Heaven to Earth by Dominic Duong

Suite From Mazurkas by Jose Limon
Keyed by Hsiang-Hsiu Lin
Birthing the Ascension by Maria Basile
Hello, Goodbye, Ellipsis by Robert Regala
We Patterns by Robert Dekkers, Guest
The Moor's Pavane by Jose Limon

Within by Hsiang-Hsiu Lin
Grit by Maria Basile
Reveries by Heather Cooper
Broken Memory by Gary Masters
Suite From Mazurkas by Jose Limon

Tango Fatal by Maria Basile, with Scenario by Lorenz Russo, Script by Daniel Helfgot and Maria Basile, and Music by Carlos Franzetti
Rubber Day by Kara Davis, Guest
Leonie: Love, Loss, and Light by Margaret Wingrove, Guest
Echo of My Fall by Heather Cooper
Shards by Hsiang-Hsiu Lin

The Moor's Pavane by Jose Limon, guest
Refractions-in Four Plays by Gary Masters
Keyed by Hsiang Hsiu Lin & Raphael Boumaila
Fire the Grid by Maria Basile
Beneath the Visiting Moon by Heather Cooper in collaboration with Raphael Boumaila & Dancers


Velocities by Gary Masters
Close by Heather Cooper
Ancestral Threads by Maria Basile
Missa Brevis by Jose Limon


The Waldstein Sonata by Jose Limon, guest
The Funeral by Hsiang Hsiu Lin
Inner Edge by Maria Basile
There is a Time by Jose Limon, guest


The River by Maria Basile
Anglitos Negros by Donald McKayle , guest
Thresholds by Heather Cooper
Witness the Dawn by Fred Mathews, guest
Mix-Match by Hsiang Hsiu Lin
Tomorrow- for FCM by Gary Masters
The Winged by Jose Limon, guest


Pursuing Home by Heather Cooper
Until… by Gary Masters
Dialects by Maria Basile
Waldstein Sonata by Jose Limon, guest