sjDANCEco produces three annual events in addition to our two company performances - ChoreoProject and The sjDANCEco Festival @ Santana Row


In existence since 2005 the ChoreoProject Awards Concert is a low-tech dance series open to local (and beyond) professional choreographers, for all dance disciplines (modern, ballet, hip hop, jazz, ethnic dance, etc.), via audition at no cost. Choreographers audition their work and those selected perform in the concert for an opportunity to receive one of two awards presented - The sjDANCEco Award (selected by the Artistic Directors) and The Audience Choice Award (selected by audience ballot vote.) In 2012 this became a bi-annual event. Click HERE for additional information. 

sjDANCEco Festival @ Santana Row

The sjDANCEco Festival (called Dancin' Downtown from 2003-2011) was sjDANCEco's first community event 15 years ago! Originally located in Downtown San Jose's Circle of Palms, the festival has grown substantially and moved to Santana Row in 2011. Now located in Santana Row Park, it continues to be a cornerstone event of Bay Area Dance Week. 

sjDANCEco is instrumental in bringing local as well as regional dance artists together to celebrate National Dance Week in a FREE outdoor festival featuring the diversity and the wealth of our dance community. Situated in the popular Santana Row’s Santana Row Park, close to 70 groups perform within a 7 hour window on the first Sunday of National Dance Week each spring (April 29, 2018). Click HERE for more information.