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sjDANCEco is honored to be part of the 75th Limón Dance Celebration

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"It is in (dance's) power and province to reaffirm the dignity of man in an age that desperately needs this affirmation. Never have the arts been so much needed, nor so challenged. Surely Dance can remind us of the greatness of man's spirit, and of his creativeness, not his destructiveness." - Jose Limon

"Re–Envisioned" 3rd Edition​ 

 Our 2010 Season at the California Theatre was a landmark event with two quintessential works by José Limón's and the beginning of an important collaboration with Barbara Day Turner and the San José Chamber Orchestra - bringing LIVE MUSIC to each of our performance seasons...Here playing for "Inner Edge" and "There Is A Time". 

"The Waldstein Sonata" 

“The Waldstein Sonata”, played exquisitely in this performance by Guest Artist/Pianist Helene Wickett, was one of a few pieces Limón created during the last year of his life in 1972. He did not finish it but Principal Dancer and Limón’s assistant Daniel Lewis finished it after his passing. Limón said he could never just make movement, there had to be a deeper reason at its core. This work is his tribute to the powerful and magnificent score of Ludwig Von Beethoven, one of his favorite composers, and its inspiration is at its core.

"The Funeral" 

Company Dancer/Choreographer Hsiang Hsiu Lin’s work is often quirky, strange, humorous and always memorable. “The Funeral” is a prime example of her considerable talents.

"Inner Edge"

Artistic Director Maria Basile’s work, inspired by the life of Nelson Mandela, is an  intensely stirring and powerful homage to his great humanity and persevering spirit. It is passionately danced here by Dominic Duong and company.

"There Is a Time"

This work, along with his most acclaimed, “The Moor’s Pavane”, inspired by Shakespeare’s “Othello”, is quintessentially Limón. Taken from the book of Ecclesiastes the work encompasses our journey on this planet and is essentially about community and our collective humanity with all its passions and foibles. Lyrical, rhythmic and potent movement makes this work stylistically one of the most difficult for the Dance Artist to achieve and extremely rewarding.​