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Shards (World Premiere)
Choreography: Hsiang-Hsiu Lin (with contributions from the dancers)
Music: Jazon Escultura (Commissioned for the dance)

With 'Citizen Revolts' via street demonstrations and thousands marching in protest, we see important social steps building towards democracy. 

Leonie: Love, Loss, and Light (World Premiere)
Choreography: Margaret Wingrove
Music: from Schubert-quintet (unfinished) by Vladimir Martynov

Based on a segment in the life of Leonie Gilmour (1873-1933); American writer, teacher and editor; who meets well known Japanese port, Yone Noguchi in New York, where she helps edit his works, and where they secretly marry in 1903. Yone returns to Japan, followed later by Leonie, after the birth of their son. She discovers he has established a second family with a Japanese wife, Matsuko Takeda. She eventually returns to America as an independent and courageous woman to successfully raise a family alone, and rise above poverty, racism, and an ill-fated marriage to achieve her personal and professional goals. 

Rubber Day (World Premiere)

Choreography: Kara Davis
Music: Haggai Cohen Milo (Commissioned for the dance) 

Inspired by the interdependence of chaos and structure, and its relationship to the human desire for freedom. 

Echo of My Fall (World Premiere) - a solo for three -
Choreography: Heather Cooper
Music: Jacob Pavek

A story of one man's climb after a fall, a reminder of how love and the choices we make lead us to places we never imagined. 

Tango Fatal (World Premiere)
Choreography: Maria Basile 
Music: Carlos Frazetti
Scenario: Lorenzo Russo and
Text: Daniel Helfgot and Maria Basil

Tango, the forbidden dance, is a double edged sword of danger and seduction. Tango Fatal is a story of love, jealousy, and revenge. 

"It is in (dance's) power and province to reaffirm the dignity of man in an age that desperately needs this affirmation. Never have the arts been so much needed, nor so challenged. Surely Dance can remind us of the greatness of man's spirit, and of his creativeness, not his destructiveness." - Jose Limon

19th Annual sjDANCEco Dance Festival 
A Virtual Event April 19th - 25th, 2021​ 

 It is “A Time To Dance” - and WE HAVE NEVER NEEDED IT MORE!  

 The Spring Festival means so much to all of us, and to go another year without celebrating the roots of sjDANCEco, and the core of what brings our dance community together feels impossible. So, we are excited to bring the ‘Splendor and Power of Dance’ to our community once again. However, with the current state of COVID in California and many ‘unknowns’ ahead, we have decided to move our festival to a virtual event. Even though we all would prefer to be together, dancing on a stage with an audience, we want to make sure that we get Dance out to the public and for everyone to remain safe and healthy. We hope that you will join us!    

sjDANCEco’s Spring festival is always set the week of National Dance Week - and as such, we would like to honor National Dance Week by having a weeklong event - April 19 - 25. sjDANCEco will be sending out one email per day, highlighting dancers and choreographers from around the Bay Area. There will be between 5 and 7 dances sent each day directly to your inbox. Celebrate our shared love for dance by signing up for this free, weeklong event HERE. 

Successful, experienced artists learn to find their own voice.  Master Class 8reveals illuminating information about the physical and mental tools learned from great predecessors and applied by professional artists Mathews, Masters, Basile, Mata and Gardeen in the creation of Etched In Time. 

Master Class Video's will be released the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of Each Month. To view, sign up for our email list here. 

Master Class Edition 8 - Etched In Time Part 3 - Planning and Performance

"Re–Envisioned" 6th Edition​