"It is in (dance's) power and province to reaffirm the dignity of man in an age that desperately needs this affirmation. Never have the arts been so much needed, nor so challenged. Surely Dance can remind us of the greatness of man's spirit, and of his creativeness, not his destructiveness." - Jose Limon

Keep dance alive in San Jose!!

sjDANCEco is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - Your generous donation enables our events to be held throughout the year. Please consider also donating through your company's matching funds programs to double your amount.  DONATE TODAY!!

"We Will Persevere"
with the
 Essence of our collective humanity, 
our gifts, strength, generosity, empathy, 
resourcefulness and creativity... 

To all our Donors, Friends, Family and Dance Enthusiasts,

"We will Persevere", created by sjDANCEco dancer Kevin Gaytan, speaks with deep humanity and visceral movement about the extraordinary experience 'Our World' is now facing. We hope that you and your loved ones are well and staying positive though this World Wide experience which sometimes seems overwhelming. It is important to know that it WILL COME TO AN END...
through the Essence of our collective humanity, our gifts, strength, generosity, empathy, resourcefulness and creativity.

sjDANCEco stands firm in connecting community through the Splendor and Power of Dance as we have during the past 18 seasons. We feel fortunate to have brought World Class Dance to our city, region and world that speaks of our shared experiences, hopes, dreams and fantasies. We have been extraordinarily inspired by our "Experiencing the Arts Through Dance" Youth Programs for underserved students, the spontaneous talent and energy of the aspiring dancers in our High School Mentoring Program, our sjDANCEco artists who have bared their spirits through passionate choreography and performances and our audiences who bring to the theatre their own experiences, hopes, dreams and fantasies. 

Though sjDANCEco has had to cancel our 18th Annual Free Spring Festival scheduled for April 26th, the ARTS WILL SURVIVE AND THRIVE as we always have. We look forward to being able to resonate once again with you through this vital Art Form and LIVE performance. 
For the moment sjDANCEco is fine but if you are able, 
please consider helping to keep the Art of Dance Alive by donating to sjDANCEco 
 or other community arts organizations   
Regional Nonprofit Emergency Fund  or COVID-19: Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund.

We stand in solidarity with each and everyone of you during these times, and we encourage you to keep moving, shaking, jumping and dancing. Though it may be in the confines of your apartment, the power of dance never ceases to amaze us. Stay connected to your body, connect online to the many free classes that are being offered, stay in contact, and stay well. Wishing you, and your loved ones good health during these uncertain times. 
"We Will Persevere"